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Learning from The Jealous Ladybug

“Kara got to get a new dress and it's the one I wanted. It's not fair.”

While competition may bring out strong efforts in sports to do one's best,

comparisons and competition in everyday life can bring misery to children...

and adults who have not curbed the appetite for investing in jealousy.

The jealous culprit can cause low self worth, negative self talk, anger, lack of

self respect and harmful dynamics in relationships. Siblings and peers are among

the most common experiences with jealous outbreaks.

Family and Home state these dangers from jealousy:

*Aggression towards others

*Low self-esteem

*Feeling of helplessness



An underserved boy was hanging his head low. I asked how he was

doing. He mumbled quietly, “All my friends did better than me on the test.I didn't get

a reward like they did.” He was feeling isolated, low, negative and jealous.

Acknowledging the way he was feeling was the first step in assisting him to come out of

the jealous slump.

“I bet that did not feel very good. It would be hard to not get a reward like the others.”

His eyes opened a tad bit in their sadness. I used the opening to share personally.

“I remember when I was growing up and was jealous of a classmate. She got to help the teacher

pass out candy one day. She got an extra piece because she helped. I raised my hand to help before she did but the teacher picked her.”

He pondered what I shared. I gave him a body outline to show where he felt jealous inside and to color what that looked like in his body. Next, I read to him. “The Jealous Ladybug Loses the Dance Contest” is from my Superkid Saves the Day book I authored, available on Amazon. He listened intently.

“Superkid heard music coming from the meadow. She and Charlotte ran to the meadow. They saw a stage with red ladybugs getting ready to have a dance contest.

Do you like to dance to fun music? Show me with your fingers how fast ladybugs dance.

The ladybugs were busy practicing their special dances. Two sister ladybugs were arguing. Bitsy wanted to win so badly that she wouldn't let Dottie practice on the stage.

Do you think Bitsy was being nice and fair?

Bitsy got upset when others did a good job dancing She was tense and jealous of others. Dottie was very calm practicing and had good thoughts. She didn't let Bitsy spoil her fun time.

Do you think Bitsy or Dottie will do the best job dancing?

A loud drum started the contest. One ladybug turned somersaults and another laughed while she danced. Dottie was calm and happy dancing. Bitsy's jealous feelings got in the way of doing a good job. Bitsy was clumsy and tripped. Dottie won the contest. Bitsy was upset.

Why do you think Bitsy lost the contest?

Superkid told Bitsy that when she was jealous of Dotie it caused her to be tense and not dance good. Superkid taught Bitsy to calm herself breathing slowly. Bitsy said there was a hard knot of tension in her chest where she felt jealous when she had jealous thoughts.

Do you feel jealous when someone does something you can't do? Or has something you want?

Bitsy asked Dottie how to dance with god thoughts and feelings. She took deep breaths and danced. The other ladybugs clapped for Bitsy. She changed her thoughts and feelings. Her dancing was good.

When you are jealous where do you feel it in your body?

Bitsy and Dottie and Charlotte and Superkid all decided to have fun dancing together.

You can be a Superkid every time you pay attention to jealous feelings. You can calm yourself, talk about your feelings and not let the jealous feelings control you. The Happy End.

After the story I asked my little friend to share one thing he feels really good about that he can do. He smiled a big smile and said he knows how to tie knots really good. I applauded him and told him to remember all the good things he can do and that we all have times we feel jealous. However, it is what we DO with the jealous feelings that makes a big difference in how we feel about ourselves. Every time we feel jealous it is a sign to find something we feel good about ourselves.

From my Superkid Power Guidebook, a jealous jingle:

Bye-bye blame,

Bye-bye jealousy.

Hello good feelings

I feel like I could fly

I feel like I could fly.

I'm not jealous of my friends

Cause I feel good myself

Cause I feel good myself

Bye-bye jealousy goodbye

Bye-bye jealousy goodbye

Teach children: If we keep having jealous thoughts, we will feel jealous even more. If we focus on good thoughts about ourselves, we will feel good about ourselves. We have a choice!

Superkid Saves the Day, Amazon, Janai Mestrovich aka Grandma Boom

Superkid Power Guidebook, Amazon, Janai Mestrovich aka Grandma Boom

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