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As part of ORAEYC's commitment to professional development, we offer a variety of cohort-style trainings that provide in-depth learning experiences, networking opportunities, and insightful workshops from Oregon's certified Master Trainers.  Our cohorts span a diverse collection of programs addressing developmentally appropriate practice, program administration, and other topics. 

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Cohort 1

A Critical Examination of Anti-Bias Education for Young Children & Ourselves

Participants will critically examine the book, Anti-Bias Education for Young Children & Ourselves by Louise Derman-Sparks & Julie Olsen Edwards helping children and families celebrate diversity & foster a sense of fairness for all. Through an in-depth study of this classic NAEYC text participants will build strong anti-bias classrooms & critically examine their own attitudes and practices.

Advanced Cohort: 36 hours of Set Three Training in the Core Knowledge Category of HGB, DIV, LEC, PPLD

Ages PS & IT

Dates: 12 Three hour Workshops                                   Cost: $350 Non-Members

January 22 + 29                                                                       $300 Members

February 19 + 26

March 18 + 25

April 22 + 29
May 20 + 27

June 17 + 24

Cohort 1

Mind in the Making

Building a Business

We are seeking a diverse group of participants with a range of experience and education. Training will be conducted in English and textbooks are in English.


Minimum qualifications are:

  1. Certified Family Child Care owner/operator or Registered Family Child Care Provider who wants to become Certified;

  2. Step 3 or higher on the Oregon Registry; and

  3. Commitment to attend all sessions (barring illness, emergency or unforeseen circumstances) which will be delivered in two Saturdays per month (full days) over 7 months.

Mind in the Making

Based on the book Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky, this advanced cohort focus on the seven essential life skills that every child needs to thrive. Each learning module
leads with science, combining deep research focused on executive function skills, with signature science-fueled learning. The training provides opportunities for adults to examine themselves, the research and the actions they can take to promote effective learning in themselves and in children.

Our certified facilitators will lead participants through eight MITM learning modules that examine child development principles identified in Ellen Galinsky’s groundbreaking research. Designed to help bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, the MITM training supports participants in creating practical action plans to promote brain development and strengthen adult-child relationships.

Advanced Cohort: 18 hours of Set Three Training in the Core Knowledge Category of Human Growth and Development

Bringing Early Childhood Theory to Life

This advanced cohort balances active learning, reflective discussion, and out of classroom work to help you make meaningful connections between your work and major theories of development. This training uses the book, 'Theories of Childhood' by Carol Garhart Mooney. 

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