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ORAEYC is a leading voice for high-quality early childhood education supported by a diverse, dynamic early childhood profession.  With Americans of all political, geographic, and demographic backgrounds, we are coming together to demand investment in high-quality early childhood education and early childhood educators, because we know that will make America brighter, stronger, and more competitive.  

About Our Work

ORAEYC’s Public Policy Committee travels to Washington D.C. to meet with our Federal and State legislators about what is happening in our communities and how they can support the children and families of Oregon. 

Spearheading advocacy and public policy in Oregon is part of ORAEYC’s mission. Early childhood professionals understand the importance of quality early childhood education programs and the lasting impact that a good start in life provides for all young children. ORAEYC’s Public Policy Committee is dedicated to improving early childhood education in Oregon by supporting our members to be effective early childhood advocates.  We also collaborate with other early childhood advocacy groups to promote smart public policies that improve quality and address the critical needs of young children and their families.

Each one of you is an advocate. When you prepare a child for kindergarten, you are their advocate. When you connect their parents to community resources, you are their advocate. When you participate in professional development, speak in front of your City Council, call or email your elected officials or vote for policymakers who invest in early childhood education, you are an advocate for our profession. Each one of you is an advocate. And we need your voice now more than ever.

Breaking News!

During his first few days in office, President Biden introduced the America Rescue Plan that will provide a $40 billion dollar investment into our nation’s childcare system. Our own Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici championed this decision by partnering with Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts in writing a letter to the President in January of this year. The letter called on President Biden and his administration to make childcare a priority in COVID-19 relief efforts and beyond.

The American Rescue Plan offers a much-needed path forward to save the childcare sector from collapsing, support the essential workers who are early childhood educators, and help parents pay for childcare. This is a first step toward working with the new Administration to build a strong system that provides quality, affordable and equitable childcare.

“Saving our childcare system and making it more accessible is also essential to our recovery. I’m grateful this update includes the strong investment I advocated for that will help working families and early childhood educators. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to immediately pass this relief package. Our communities cannot wait any longer.” – Congresswoman Bonamici

Congresswoman Bonamici recently released a report on the state of childcare in Oregon and what can be done to support the children and families in our communities. You can read the report here

How you can help

  • Visit to find your local representative, reach out and urge them to support children and families in your community. 

  • Use this #SaveChildCare toolkit to find suggestions for emails, phone calls and social media posts to contact your legislators and raise awareness about the childcare crisis.

  • Sign up to receive updates and action plans from NAEYC’s Advocacy team American for Early Ed.

  • Vote! Check your voter registration. 

Find out more on how to be an advocate by visiting NAEYC’s website.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  

- Margaret Mead