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Good Choices FEEL Good

Good Choices FEEL Good

by Janai Mestrovich, M.S. Aka Grandma Boom

EMPOWERED SUPERKIDS to the Rescue! The little baby dinosaur was afraid to come out to play because she thought kids would make bad choices and make fun of her since she looked different from them. So all the children in class had empathy and made good choices, inviting her to come play. They reached out and were kind so she would know they accepted and liked her.

Know thyself. First the preschool class learned to pay attention to where they FEEL a tight knot inside when making a bad choice, marking it with an “X” sticker I made for them. Then we imagined making a good choice and marked it with a heart sticker on our bodies. In my Superkid Power Guidebook, page 91, I explain the importance of making good or right choices. “To make a 'right' choice is to solve or prevent a potential problem. Making a choice is: 1) a statement of our present values; 2) an extension of ourselves that can provide feedback as a reflective tool. Wrong choices are our teachers (often referred to as 'mistakes') if we so choose to view them in that vein.”

BAD CHOICES FEEL BAD. GOOD CHOICES FEEL GOOD❣️ It is really that simple!Teaching preschoolers to pay attention to how they feel inside with their choices is a prime key for self-regulation and social emotional learning at its best! Having opportunities to pay attention internally gives credence to what they can learn about themselves in a variety of situations. Being kind to a puppet brought out good feelings with good choices. Sharing markers, helping pass out drums, waiting for a turn.....all simple activities that served children to pay attention in that present moment how they felt internally and where they felt it. Immediately, because of 3D learning, children started to realize bad choices that feel bad inside them are hurting themselves. Good choices felt good inside their own bodies.

3D Learning: We drummed to a good choice song (BAD CHOICES FEEL BAD!

GOOD CHOICES FEEL GOOD!) and the artwork shows where the children felt the tense bad choice inside their bodies and the good choices. The artwork is a mirror for their internal awareness and building a foundation for self knowledge while building confidence with good feelings. 3D learning techniques are demonstrated in a free video at

Placing stickers on their bodies and on their artwork meant they could see and feel through another form of mirroring what the bad and good choices were teaching them about themselves. Making mistakes is a great teacher about bad choices when children are guided to understand what has happened.

Good choice necklaces were handed out for all the good choices made with such great artwork with dual purpose as a reminder of good choices after class in home settings.

Don’t you wish that all children could have the opportunity to learn like this about themselves and their own resources? I do! These children are learning that they are SUPERKIDS when they know the importance and feeling inside of making good choices!

I love a statement by Pre-K Pages publication: “When children feel empowered they learn more, bottom line. They learn more because less time is spent trying to control their behavior.”

Superkid Power Guidebook by Janai Mestrovich, M.S. Aka Grandma Boom (Amazon)

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