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2023 Board Nominations

ORAEYC Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity of our Governing Board
We recognize the uniqueness of individuals, groups, and organizations and that becoming more high performing and inclusive depends upon the simultaneous growth and development of individuals, groups and the organization. By defining and understanding diversity as broad, multidimensional, and inclusive of diverse viewpoints and perspectives, consistent with the overarching mission and vision of our organization, we acknowledge and honor all personal life experiences and perspectives. 

Determination of the Slate
The Nominating Committee determines its recommendations for the election slate. The candidate(s) will appear on the slate for each available position. All potential members of the slate will be individually assessed, and decisions will be made with respect to Board membership based upon the totality of the candidate’s qualifications. Once the slate has been decided, it is presented to the Governing Board for its approval, and then presented to the membership for election.


Stacey Edwards Russo

I am highly interested in the care and education of young children. I have been in both paid and unpaid positions within this field for over 25 years. I have volunteered with support organizations like "Big Brothers Big Sisters" and "the Boys and Girls Club" and youth detention mentorship, as well as experienced nearly every position within an early childhood setting. I continue to be drawn to advocacy work and learning more about the larger systems within the education of young children. I think that this board and greater constituency. I feel like I was born to advocate for those that cannot yet advocate for themselves. 

I have worked on several different types of boards before, so I am familiar with the process, which can be an advantage. I am highly organized, love brainstorming and am an excellent planner/project manager. I not only notice the little details but can always keep the big picture in sight. Because volunteerism has always been a part of my life, I am strong in multitasking and prioritizing my time. I also feel strong in my "soft skills"; I can get along with lots of different people/personalities, am outgoing, don't get over stressed and can listen well.

Amy Luhn photo.jpg

 Amy Luhn

I have devoted my career to the service of children and families and believe deeply in the rights of all children to have access to high quality early care and education, whether that b center based care or family provider care. If a child needs to be in child care then it's their right to be in a quality of care that nurtures and supports their potential. Every child is counting on us to deliver that.


I would welcome the opportunity to join colleagues on the ORAEYC governing council and the general membership and contribute to the ongoing, tireless work of creating a system of quality early care and education that equitably serves the diverse needs of our children and families.


Danielle Cunningham

I am seeking a second term as co-secretary. I will continue to support our Early Learning community.  I am dedicated to building lasting relationships with our local professional work source. I do this by ensuring an equitable approach to all collaborative meetings, trainings, coaching, and outreach projects managed by the board. I am excited to continue  being a part of this organization’s board to hold true to my personal beliefs that all early Education Professionals and All children deserve the dedication and representation of a strong collective community of support.


Merrily Haas

I have volunteered with ORAEYC since July 2019 when I fully retired from ORAEYC. I have helped organize the office, process financial transactions, prepare records for our Bookkeeper and provide reports to Sara. I have also coordinated the Building a Business program.

I would like to give back to ORAEYC and help with the transition to new leadership. I have years of history and experience as well as meeting many new/potential members through the Building a Business programs.

I have worked for over 30+ years with ORAEYC Board/Governing Council. I also serve as Advisor to the PCPO Board, and Co- President for the Order of the Silver Trefoil.

JOb Descriptions

2023 ORAEYC Nominations and Election Timeline

  • January - February 2023: Applications and deadline information posted for submission by ORAEYC members interested in being considered for Board service.

  • March 8th, 2023: Deadline for submission of applications.

  • March 2023: Based upon its review of submitted materials, the Nominating Panel invites potential candidates to participate in interviews. The interviews guide the selection of the slate that is recommended to the Governing Board for approval.

  • March 13th, 2023: The slate is officially announced on the ORAEYC website and Facebook.

  • March 14th - April 11th, 2023: Eligible members receive voting instructions.

  • April 11th, 2023: Election closes.

  • April 15th, 2023: Voting results revealed to ORAEYC membership on Saturday of our Annual General Membership Meeting.


  • June 1st, 2021: Newly elected Board members assume office. Board orientation begins.

  • June 3rd, 2023:  Newly elected Board members attend the spring Governing Council meeting and meet with staff and Governing Council members as part of the Board orientation.

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