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Janai 'Grandma Boom' Mestrovich, M.S.

 Could you keep your calm if this chaos was happening around you? The calm center fairy knows that children need to have the experience of chaos and stress all around them while they focus on their...

August 16, 2019

Children Determine Their Own Risk Level

Nicole Fravel

In the past few nature blog posts, I’ve been talking about the benefits of risky play and how to create environments that encourage children to take risks. I have also mentioned the need to separate “risk” from “hazar...

August 8, 2019


Helping Children Navigate Fall Transitions

Lory Britain, PhD

Eliana holds her drawing for her new teacher carefully against her chest. She hesitates for just a minute before stepping through the doorway into her new preschool classroom. Looki...

July 25, 2019

Young Children are Scientists

by Stephen Karmol

Sometimes I study mechanical and electrical engineering with young children. It’s an inquiry-based process where we share ideas, conduct experiments, and build theories by taking stuff apart and making new stuff together. I...

Good Choices FEEL Good

by Janai Mestrovich, M.S. Aka Grandma Boom

EMPOWERED SUPERKIDS to the Rescue! The little baby dinosaur was afraid to come out to play because she thought kids would make bad choices and make fun of her since she looked different from them. So all t...

July 12, 2019

Environments and Risky Play

by Nicole Fravel

Environments that Encourage Risky Play in Early Childhood Programs

Last month’s preschool and blog article covered the benefits of risky play in early childhood. Risky play promotes resilience, builds confidence and encourages...