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Our weekly blog posts feature an inclusive collection of thoughts, experiences and reflections from diverse early childhood professionals living in Oregon. Tune-in every Tuesday to hear from varying perspectives on topics such as inclusion, nature education, parent communication, social-emotional development, and anti-bias curriculum.  Join in on the conversation by commenting on posts and sharing with friends, families, and coworkers! 

November 24, 2019

Nature as Inspiration for Oral Storytelling with Preschoolers

by Nicole Fravel

I’m a big fan of oral storytelling in early childhood. I enjoy retelling stories from memory and making up original stories based on real past events or pure fantasy, and I encourage the child...

September 18, 2019

Simple Ways to Create Classroom Community with Nature

by Nicole Fravel

As preschool teachers, we know the importance of creating a supportive classroom community. A strong community feeling supports the social and emotional work of preschool – learning to work and play a...

August 16, 2019

Children Determine Their Own Risk Level

Nicole Fravel

In the past few nature blog posts, I’ve been talking about the benefits of risky play and how to create environments that encourage children to take risks. I have also mentioned the need to separate “risk” from “hazar...

July 12, 2019

Environments and Risky Play

by Nicole Fravel

Environments that Encourage Risky Play in Early Childhood Programs

Last month’s preschool and blog article covered the benefits of risky play in early childhood. Risky play promotes resilience, builds confidence and encourages...

June 27, 2019


by Nicole Fravel

The other day my teenage son suggested that he ride his bike from our house to the local elementary school. The school is only about two and a half miles from our house, but the route follows a winding co...

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